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Kaya Orsan
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Post Sun Sep 08, 2019 9:27 pm

Not sure if devs check this place, but I wanted to request an option to remap mousewheel behavior, just like the keyboard. I know there's an option to switch it from zooming to scrolling, but that's not very comprehensive/useful.

I like having all my software use roughly the same scrolling behavior, so I don't get thrown off when switching back and forth between apps while working. I can ALT-TAB from Cubase to Audition, and just assume that CTRL+MousewheelUP is still meant to zoom in.

I wanted to give Waveform a shot, but not being able to rebind the mousewheel and its modifiers is a dealbreaker, along with no middleclick panning for the track area.

Hope to see this at some point, thanks.

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