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Would be a great feature:

Console6Buss - Console6Channel
Plugins of that type try to emulate analog summing.

But they should be treated by WF like its Aux sends and returns, and they must propagate all data delay information, and compensate for pugin latency in the same way the normal mix bus is doing.

So, when software developers come to the point, to revamp the latency compensation mechanism, including the racks, inserts and Auxes, it should become possible to include this type of Artisan plugins, when they have become system-intrinsic anyway.

I had already mentioned the concept of meta-plugins, that represent internal information about the mix graph relative to their own nodes where they got placed, and can hold the correctional values for the compensation required at each respective node. In some strategy of iteration, most meta-plugins then can be dissolved and simplified into the according network of sample delay factors.
(Never forget to shift the automation curves, accordingly!)
So, these special Artisan plugins, that create their own bus structures, have to become part of this metaplugin system, and contribute structural information to the net graph, and then, any plugin in such a track can be compensated.
The channel selection must be the same as with the Aux send/return, up to 16 bus destinations so we can have subgroups (AFAIK Chris did not yet do this but it is crucial). This means the inter-plugin communication has to follow the same technique as the Auxes already use, and the artisan-channel plugin shows the name of the artisan-bus where it is routed to.

Just another humble idea to make maximum impact with components that already exist.

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