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Post Tue Nov 05, 2019 1:16 pm

Spent a few hours today attempting to make something in Waveform 10 full version.

I'll keep this point form since it's feeling like many negative points.

-Like how easy it is to put something together with the pattern generators.

-Like how easy it is to change the mode and key.

-Disliked how limited the Qwerty keyboard to piano keyboard behaves. Doesn't feel like I'm really giving any real input with the pattern generators. Really needs real MIDI controllers to do anything that feels like I'm contributing rhythms and scales.

-Disliked how routing drums has to be in a rack and no way to group and hide all the outputs on the playlist, except for with a folder that doesn't seem to hold the main MIDI data.

-Disliked how there are no velocity/technique manipulation tools. No guitar strum or piano sweep. All the pattern generator stuff feels blocky and loopy. Just that line tool that doesn't have any waveform type changes that Cubase does.

Crashed when I tried to export MIDI, just like Cubase crashed when I tried to change the mode and key on the chord track.

Just can't win, back to FL.

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