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Post Thu Feb 13, 2020 4:03 pm

Are there any updates to Multisampla in 11?

You guys seem to be marketing tracktion as the DAW for the DIY crowd. Allowing Multisampla to sample straight from the soundcard, the inclusion of the airwindows plugs, etc.

But, I feel like it could use some more features to make it a better instrument design tool. Especially if the idea is this is the tool for users who are primarily going to be rolling their own

It needs more loop modes and automatable playhead (all 3 useful for mimicking wavetable type effects)...adjustable power loop crossfades (necessary for making smooth transitions),...sfz import(stereo,bitdepth,articulations),event triggers and keyswitches

The implementation for sound designers also needs cohesion and consistency...You can drag and drop from timeline to MS and DS, but not to biotek , collective, and spacecraft? one wants to deal with file management overhead for plugs that are supposed to be "native"...F'em will need this too...And waverazor should allow sample import to its oscillators...if it can process audio in, shouldn't this be possible?...biotek has event triggers for separate sample instrument release noises for example, but MS doesn't...if you want to separate sound design features for premium users not stock, then why doesn't biotek have the full sampler treatment?...I've addressed some of this in a feature request thread 6 months ago and never saw any discussion develop.


I'm not saying it has to rival kontakt, but The DAWS under the 200 price point with the similar DIY ethos are MuTools, Reaper, Hollyhock, and FL Producer....this is ur competition prospective users are gonna be comparing DIY power to.

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