Request for change in feature: please don't reset "Solo isolate"!

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Post Mon Feb 10, 2020 4:41 am


I sometimes solo some multiple tracks which I am focusing on, and then after working with it, I Reset all muted/soloed tracks to listen to everything. But the problem is, it also resets Solo isolate.

Usually where I use Solo isolate is, in a track which has no audio or MIDI clip but a Reverb plugin and an Aux Return. What I want is that the Aux Track (here, the Reverb effect) should sound even if I solo other track(s). After working with the soloed tracks, I usually Reset all muted/soloed tracks, instead of switching off the Solo option. Here Tracktion also resets solo-isolated tracks. I have to go to that Aux Track to solo-isolate it again.

I don't think that anyone would like to reset Solo isolate by resetting all the muted and soloed tracks, because we just want Solo-isolated tracks to remain Solo-isolated, regardless of playing with Solo or Mute of other tracks.

Please change this in future.

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