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Post Wed Apr 08, 2015 9:21 am

Limited-MAX, Limited-T, PhreePhuzz, and HotPhuzz Updates:

Where to start – there are so many cool little features packed in these updates. Let’s start with the updates that are included in all 4 plugin releases.
  • Undo/Redo History: Now every plugin has an undo and redo button. They are located at the bottom of the interface and look like arrow pointing to the left (undo) or right (redo)
  • A/B Comparison: It is a lot easier to make comparisons between different settings with the A/B comparison controls. Clicking the A/B button toggles between the two different settings. If you want, there is even a “copy to” button. This lets you copy from A to B, or vice versa
  • Minor enhancements – yes, they all get this, too
Now, for the additional features:
  • ISP Squash button: For the price of a little more latency, you can enable ISP Squash for an extra layer of protection from inter-sample peaks after processing. Yes, it is still possible to get a few ISPs, but only when the output is near “needle-pegging” peaks and the margin control is set very high (e.g., > 0.1 dB)
  • RMS Display of waveform view
  • Some general GUI fixes when loading presets
  • Auto Learn and Auto Gain improvements
  • Some general GUI fixes when loading presets
  • Auto Learn and Auto Gain improvements
  • New Saturation Mode-Xenon (Xe): Xenon is weird. It starts off sounding very smooth, but quickly becomes prickly and fizzy as the saturation is increased.
  • New Smart Random button: The random button doesn’t randomize everything, just the controls associate with the saturation sound. Push it and discover new saturation sounds.
  • Windows RTAS and AAX support
  • Still free, but now has support for RTAS and AAX on Windows and OS X
  • Two more saturation sounds (E and F)

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Re: Four new updates

Post Thu Apr 14, 2016 2:56 pm

Sweet. thanks for the updates. I just came by the forum to see if there was any new discussions!''

oops. that was a year ago! I didn't look at the year until after I posted. necro!

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