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Post Tue Sep 15, 2015 3:43 am

It has taken a large amount of work, but all LVC-Audio plugins have been updated. This update ensures that all plugins (even the free ones) have:
  • Support for RTAS and AAX on Windows and OS X
  • Have the undo/redo feature
  • Have the A/B comparison feature
  • Have the same newer-and-sleeker knob style
Of course, there are more specific updates for some of the plugins. This includes the new “zero phase” oversampling feature of Limited-MAX, the Out Level setting for Limited-T, and the new alternate settings for knobs that can be found on most of the plugin.

The download links have been updated, so head to the plugin pages and download the latest plugin versions (registered users-your existing license file will unlock the demo/free plugin files).

New Plugin:
Limited-Z is the latest plugin from LVC-Audio.  It features most of the internal features of Limited-MAX, packaged conveniently into several unique-sounding Limiter Modes.  Limited-Z is an easy-to-use mastering limiter with enough flexibility to work with many different audio genres.  Of course if you want some more flexibility, a paid version exists.  The paid version adds more metering options, oversampling, and fine tuning of Limited-Z’s special dynamic algorithm.  Check out all of the features on the Limited-Z page.

From now until October 15th, all plugins and bundles are on sale.  The discounts range between 25% and 35% off the regular prices, with most of the larger discounts being applied to the bundles and more expensive plugins.  This sale also features a significant discount for the new Limited-Z plugin.  Check out the Purchase Pagefor the complete price list.

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