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Post Sat Oct 03, 2015 8:44 am

Hoping for some help and tips.

What I tend to find in a mix is the low end is cutting through and the mids a little sharp high. Best settings and method to apply toned on the master buss. I find that eq (Eiosis) and cubases inbuilt parametric help even things out but the final output is never quite hitting the mark.

I believe this is more to do with my lack of ability on mastering final tracks and of course the poor acoustics in my room (so I know the first obvious solutions) :)

Found the following vid but not overly useful with musical examples.

More to do with an understanding how toned(plus) would help and probably me needing an educatoini in mastering :) . Perhaps trying to understand it as a tool.
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Re: Toned Plus

Post Sat Oct 03, 2015 9:43 am

Toned and TonedPLUS are pretty gentle compared to other EQs (although TonedPLUS does have two "surgical" parametric bands). If the mids are a little harsh, you could try leaving the Low and High volumes at 0, and try to decrease the Mid volume. You will need to adjust the cutoff frequencies to find the right spot.

The other thing you could try while adjusting mid volume is to switch to M or S mode. Depending on what instrument is causing the harshness and whether that is a stereo track, it might make sense to cut the mids either in mid or side mode. If you have TonedPLUS, you can try one band set to mid, and the other set to side. That way you could try to adjust the mid/side channels independently.

If it is still not right, I wonder if some compression prior to Toned would help. Especially if you could filter the sidechain of the compressor to focus right on the problematic frequencies (Unfortunately, you will have to wait another month for an LVC-Audio compressor(s) that would work perfectly for this :D ).

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Re: Toned Plus

Post Mon Oct 05, 2015 9:34 pm

Without hearing it, its hard to comment, however... you might want to try something more "surgical" like Fabfilter Pro-Q/2, or try the parametric bands of TonedPlus as per random's post above. It might just be finding the right EQ for the job, as every EQ sounds different. something you could try is to saturate the high and low around the mid band that is causing the problems, then tweek the whole thing with an EQ to smooth it out. the idea is bring up the "energy" in the low and mid and then EQ the mid down with a really wide Q, or two bands around the mid that blend out to the low and high, and bring it all down. this can then lower the energy content of the mid but still leave you with a nice sounding low/high. the trick is getting the bands and the about of cut right.

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Re: Toned Plus

Post Sun Jun 04, 2017 2:59 pm

I made a preset I'm calling "Subtle Beauty" - it's a master bus enhancer but is suitable for instruments and buses too as a "analog through pass" type of effect that adds warmth. Works like a de-harsher too, making things less digital sounding.

Copy the text below, Click on the "P" in the bottom left corner of the plugin and selection Load Setting from Clipboard.
TonedPLUS_MakePresetFromNamedParams("preset",59, kCurrentTrans, 23, kCurrentAmp, 13, kInGain, 0.050000, kOutGain, -0.050000, kDrive, 1.000000, kLowFreq1, 170.000000, kHighFreq1, 4575.000000, kLowVol1, -0.050000, kMidVol1, 0.050000, kHighVol1, -0.050000, kCenterFreq1, 1000.000000, kLowFreq2, 175.000000, kHighFreq2, 4500.000000, kLowVol2, 0.050000, kMidVol2, -0.050000, kHighVol2, 0.050000, kCenterFreq2, 1000.000000, k3Band1, true, k3Band2, true, kEQ_LRMS, 1, kHPON1, true, kHPON2, true, kHPFreq1, 10.003698, kHPFreq2, 20.000000, kHPQ1, 1, kHPQ2, 1, kHPRollOff1, 4, kHPRollOff2, 2, kHP_LRMS, 0, kQMan1, 0.710000, kQMan2, 0.710000, kPhase, false, kLRSwap, false, kLRVar, true, kNoise, true, kOver, 3, kBypass, false, kMix, 100.000000, kMeterScale, -24.000000, kFeedback, 0.000000, kWidth, 102.000000, kBalance, 0.000000, kClip, 0.000000, kAmpChar, 100.000000, kTranChar, 100.000000, k2xSat, false, kAutoGain, false, kParamLowVol1, 0.050000, kParamLowFreq1, 245.000000, kParamLowQ1, 0.700000, kParamLowVol2, -0.050000, kParamLowFreq2, 250.000000, kParamLowQ2, 0.650000, kParamHighVol1, -0.050000, kParamHighFreq1, 7000.000000, kParamHighQ1, 0.650000, kParamHighVol2, 0.050000, kParamHighFreq2, 7500.000000, kParamHighQ2, 0.710000);
LOVE this plugin. Enjoy!

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