Pressed-T Compressor Great, but straining CPU

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Post Thu Nov 26, 2015 12:49 am

I like the special character of Pressed-T and the features with various settings, but still overseeable.

BUT way too heavy on CPU-usage, especially 12x and also 8x oversampling !
Lack of a sidechain function.
Too little presets to get some more ideas how to use the plugin,
e.g. presets for different instruments and instrument groups
voice etc.

I hope an update will bring some of my mentioned things, I am sure then it would be
a great plugin for a lot more people, now Pressed-T compressor strains CPU a lot and hence is not very attractive for many a man, only for those with a superb processor !

Daw: Reaper Cockos Win 7 64 bit 8 GB Ram

By mistake I ve already posted in another thread !

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Re: Pressed-T Compressor Great, but straining CPU

Post Thu Nov 26, 2015 6:21 am

Pressed-T has a lot of stuff happening at once. That is probably what is happening with the CPU usage. The compressor engine takes some CPU cycles, as does the analog modeling. Actually, the analog modeling is twice as intense since it has a separate input model and output model. I will take a look at the processing to see if I can't speed things up.

There is side-chain filtering, but it is built into the X/Y control. Moving the control up and down will alter the side-chain filter. Having the control in the middle flattens the side-chain EQ. If you want more heavy-duty side-chain filtering, you might want to look at Pressed-MAX (at the cost of no vintage modeling goodness). Pressed-MAX has four separate side-chain filters that can be configured like most plugin graphic EQs (e.g., bell, high-pass, low-pass, shelf, mid channel only, side channel only, etc.).

And I do agree that I need more presets. I should be able to add some more to the next update. Additionally, clicking the "P" button in the bottom-left corner allows you to save/load presets to a file or to the clipboard. If you (or anyone else) has some great presets, I would be happy to include them as factory presets within the next update.

Incidentally, what CPU processor do you have in your computer?

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Re: Pressed-T Compressor Great, but straining CPU

Post Wed Jan 13, 2016 1:29 pm

I'd rather have CPU strain due to higher quality audio processing than not. I don't typically buy older plugins on the (possibly misguided) premise that they aren't going to sound as good as modern plugins due to compromises made for CPU load of what are now older computers. I think the sound quality is there with LVC. But it would be nice to have an option to set the real-time vs render over-sample rate. I wish all plugins that offer different audio quality would provide an option for this - examples are 2caudio, D16, etc where you can set the quality of real-time vs the quality on render. that to me is a no-brainer usability feature and I sometimes avoid using plugins that don't have that because trying to remember which plugins i have to set a higher quality when I render out is a PITA.

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