Channel Strip Requests?

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Post Mon Dec 07, 2015 5:16 pm

I have gotten a few channel strip plugin requests. I certainly have all of the individual components to make something, but I am not sure about the direction to take.
PreAMPed has a four band EQ with analog modeling. TonedPLUS has a more refined analog modeling with the three different EQ controls (HP, 3-band passive, and 2 band parametric). Now that Pressed-MAX is released, I have a nice graphical-parametric EQ component with spectrum analyzer.

Without duplicating some of the other plugins, what should be in the channel strip? What kind of EQ (simple versus full graphical-parametric)? Simple compressor with two or three knobs? Any analog modeling?

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Re: Channel Strip Requests?

Post Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:17 pm

. preamp model with saturation opportunities
. filters
. full parametric eq
. de-esser
. versatile compressor with dry/wet mix option
. transient shaper
. clipper/saturator at the output stage
. flexible routing possibilities (ext. sidechain option)

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Re: Channel Strip Requests?

Post Wed Jan 13, 2016 1:21 pm

I am going to dissuade you from making a channel strip. The reason is, why? Your plugins provide the ability to chain them in a way that emulates a channel strip and I am unsure of how you'd provided added value over the many other channel strips. Making a channel strip that emulates a specific analogue desk with some kind of competitive advantage makes sense (eg. Brainworx bx_console). However channels strips that provide minimal unique tools are just a waste - for example Eventide UltraChannel, which has minimal features not found elsewhere and doesn't justify the $250 price tag (it doesn't even really justify the often-sale price tag of $40) at least as far as feedback I've read from others about it.

MetricHalo, McDSP, etc etc... why bother... what extra value are they brining to the table? Waves SSL, ok. bx_console, ok. perhaps even something like DDMF The Strip, Hornet ChannelStrip mk3 and SKNote Strip v2 provide some added value as they have a unique sound and workflow compared to other strips.

If you took your current tech and built that into a strip plugin, not sure I'd be too interested unless it had something significantly different than your other plugins and other strips. so maybe lets talk about what I think is missing in LVC plugins and what could be on-brand to build into a strip...

... I can't think of anything :)

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Re: Channel Strip Requests?

Post Wed Jan 13, 2016 1:37 pm

@plexuss, you have a good point. I actually received some emails with similar comments.
I guess the general consensus from some is that if it just does EQ, comp, and some mojo, why bother?

I am undecided, but I do have concerns with plugin overlap. I know there are some developers that have scores of plugins that probably do 90% of the same thing. I don't want to do that. I think a channel strip really muddies things with PreAMPed and TonedPLUS. Both are analog modeling with EQ. They have a different focus, but I am concerned that a strip plugin would be the same thing - with the addition of a two-knob version of Pressed-T.

So, that leaves a couple options:
- abandon the idea of a channel strip and do something completely different (I have some ideas, but would love to hear some more)
- modify PreAMPed and TonedPLUS so that their features are less like a channel strip, while making a channel strip (as well as not removing features that users are using)
- changing PreAMPed into the channel strip (i.e., add a compressor, revise the GUI, etc.)
- start a Fight Club, but not talk about it - I've said too much

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Re: Channel Strip Requests?

Post Mon Mar 07, 2016 11:03 pm


i purchased LVC PreAMped some days ago ...and i love it!

And i would love to see a perfect, hot boiling channel strip based on PreAMPed with:

+ the hot boiling preamps and saturation stage fromPreAMped
+ with a gate
+ with a characterful FET-Style Compressor or maybe switchable FET/OPTO-Compress/Expander
+ and a shiny, creamy eq section with switchable curves and dynamic bands/envelope followers ( strip/bus 2 style).
+ m/s functionality for the eq maybe cool
+ m/s low end monomaker
+ headroom management for gain driving analog distortion sim. without digital distortion.
+ ducking options between the channels that can drive the compressor and/or the dynamic eq-bands would be great.
+ two serial mixable and phase shiftable LFOs that can be assigned to gate treshhold, compressor settings and eq-bands
+ setting with 8x oversampling automatically on export

That could be the channel strip of my dream: from warm to aggressive and with some crazy creative tools on top.

sorry, my english is not the best.


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