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Post Fri Jan 10, 2020 12:38 pm

Hi all. I just got the Essentials 49.

I have a Win 10 64 bit OS, i7 intel chip with 16 gigs of ram. Everything updated.

My keyboard and Analog 4 is activated. I get sounds through the Analog 4 software.

I updated the firmware to firmware revision 1.1.5. Is this the correct firmware version?

When I open up Midi Control Center, I get an image of the KeyLab 61. Is this a problem? When I touch the pads, it doesn't turn red like the mixer keys, but a light to the right of DEVICE flashes.

In DIAGNOSIS mode (do I really need a password? How is it set?), in the MCC, the button to the right of the Play/Pause button is always red, but when I press any other button, nothing turns red, and no lights near DEVICE flash. It seems I don't get any feedback when pressing any of the transport controls. I want to make sure this isn't a problem before I waste hours trying to map the controls to my DAW (Tracktion 7/Waveform).

Withing my daw, there's 2 choices for midi input: Arturia Keylab NO "2", and MidiIn2. I'm able to get sound from the keyboard in the DAW when I select KeyLab but nothing with MidiIn2. Do I need MidiIn2, or can I simply diable it, in the Settings Panel?

Oroginally, I had the option to select Arturia Keylab 49. Again, I want to make sure this isn't a problem when I attempt to map the pads or transport controls within Traction. I had to uninstal/reinstall things, when I wasn't getting sound from within my DAW OR AnalogLab.

I've spent 10 hours installing, reinstalling, resetting the keyboard for the firmware, because I had problems getting the Analog software and my DAW to recognize the keyboard. I noticed when I reinstalled the MCC there was a "minifreak" driver in the dialog box. Is this the cause of MidiIN2?? Should I uninstall MCC and deselect the miifreak driver (I've already done this once, and another problem came up).

How do I verify that I have the proper driver?? If I don't need the minifreak driver, how do I uninstall it?? When I first installed the MCC, I was prompted to update my drivers, and it was done automatically. Only when I had problems, and uninstalled everything, did I notice the minifreak driver.
Arturia microfreak driver.JPG
Within my DAW, when I go to select a plug-in, there should be 2 instances of AnalogLab, correct? One for synths, and one for VSTs? In Waveform, I have two instances. In Traction 7, I only have one.

I've attached some pictures that may be helpful.

I've never had so much trouble installing hardware/software in my life. If I were directed to a product specific page, like this: instead of: things may have run a lot smoother.

The support link at the Arturia site isn't working for me for some reason.

Last question: how do I register for the ?? I keep getting rejected, no matter how many times I input answers.

I'd really appreciate some help here. I haven't even gotten to attempting to map the keyboard to anything because I'm afraid something else will go wrong.
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Re: KeyLab Essentials 49 mess

Post Mon Jan 13, 2020 3:02 am

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Sorry to read about all the troubles faced.

I'll try to clarify things up:

- The Keylab 49/61 are using the same firmware revision so the fact that you do see a 61 model displayed is normal and won't have any impact as they do have strictly the same controls.

- Some controls when moved on the controller won't select the control on the Midi Control Center GUI but this won't prevent (for the editable controls) to use your Mouse to access them and then modify their settings.

The transports buttons won't be editable this explains why you cannot select them and the Pads will have to be selected with your Mouse in order to change their settings.

- The Diagnosis mode is reserved normally for our own internal use or only for some calibration steps which are only to be done where requested by our support team to avoid messing up with the controller parameters (Yes it requires a Password so this is normal that you cannot access it but in all cases this shouldn't be necessary for now).

- The MIDIIN2 port won't be used in order to play and trigger instruments but only in order to use the Control Surface protocol to control your DAW parameters when using the "DAW" controller device memory.

I invite you to refer to this article to adjust your DAW settings as needed to achieve this: ... ips-tricks (

Make sure not to select this port in any other menu as this would then create some conflicts.

- The MicroFreak driver installed along with the Midi Control Center is only used by the MicroFreak Synth and won't have any relation with your Keylab Essential controller, so you can ignore it or even delete it from your App & Features menu even if this won't use many space on your HDD, so keeping it won't change that much things.

- The Keylab Essential controller is a USB class compliant device which relies on the Windows integrated drivers to operate properly. So as long as these are working fine for your other devices, they should work as well fine with your controller.

- Depending on which plug-in Format you did choose to install (By default all of them should be installed), you may find it listed in 2 places:

- VST3

- Could you please confirm which precise support Link you did use which apparently wasn't working on your for me to give it an eye ?

Finally, typing in:
- "Sustain"
- "Attack"

Should allow you to register on our Forum.

Hope these information will help you.

Make sure to let me know how it goes and if any problem persists and to create a support ticket for me and my colleagues to help you further if needed.

Kind regards,

Arturia Technical Support team.
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