Feature Request: "Humanize" ARP button (complement to the "Swing" one kinda)

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Post Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:32 am

You can find this feature for instance in the Z3TA+2 synth I believe.
What it does is quite obvious from the name: instead of triggering every note at its exact tempo according to settings, the ARP introduces subtle variations/imperfections by making the notes deviate very slightly from the tempo, not enough to make them sound completely off tempo and turn the whole thing into nothing more than a mess of course, just enough so that the overall effect sound more natural, "human" as opposed to machine-like.

I believe this would be a very useful and welcome feature in Cream + I suppose (perhaps naively since I'm not a coder) it wouldn't be any tough to implement... (Would it?)
Hopefully this idea will catch Arto's attention and will be deemed worthy of consideration.

Long live Kirnu Cream, greatest ARP ever...
-- DeisT

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Post Sat Mar 16, 2013 4:56 pm

Right now this could be kinda accomplished by hitting the "random" button in the "Shift" section of Cream. Two problems: it does create a mess of timing and it also is a fixed and repeated humanization every time.

I really wish there was an ability to put "RANDOM" INTO a step. For example:

Normally, you can go +50 or -50 in the shift boxes. Normally you can put +100 or -100 in the gate length boxes.

I REALLY wish you could put "random" in those boxes instead of a fixed number. For example, say you want step 5 to have a random gate length. Say you want step 7 to have a random shift amount. You simply put in a "random" indicator. Not sure how it would work GUI wise, maybe you could right-click in the box and hit "random indicator" or something.

the ONLY problem is that the randomness amount needs a control. I think you could put a knob somewhere that says "random amount" that controls the max random for a particular section be it shift or gate length or what ever.

Edit: Random gate length is VERY NICE to have for synth stuff. Random shift is very nice for acoustic stuff.

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