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Post Sat Mar 16, 2013 7:40 am

First of all, I really like Kirnu Cream. It is very inspiring and the GUI is easy on the eyes. I think Kirnu Cream is very close to a software version of Korg Karma.

Alas, I have a bug report using pre-release 5, 32 bit, Windows XP, Reaper.

When I change the "Steps" control under "Pattern Controls" from 32 to any other number, Cream doesn't use the new value.

For example, I want the entire pattern to only use 8 steps. I set the Steps control to 8. However, the bouncing blue cursor goes past the 8th step to the very end (32nd step).

Another example... If I try to mimic the step count in the video at 0:45, it doesn't work in the current release.

I hope this makes sense. Keep up the great work!

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