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Post Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:38 am

I've had this plugin lying around for some time now, and although it does seem like it should be a fairly basic issue , but there seems to be very little info regarding cream actually working with FL.
The problem i'm having is routing midi inputs and outputs to and from cream and another synth. I've various combinations of input and output, but have yet to get anything that sounds like an arpeggio.
I only managed to find 1 video that explained the setup, but when I tried it, it didnt work, so Im not sure what i'm doing wrong.l
I can see the potential in creamCM, and if I can just get the thing working, I know i'#d enjoy it enough to upgrade to the full version. Any help ?

How do I get this working in FL studio 12.1 ?

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Post Sat Nov 26, 2016 10:55 pm

You need to specify MIDI In/Out Ports in Cream's Wrapper settings:
Screen Shot 11-27-16 at 05.33 PM.PNG
Then use the same option in the Wrapper settings of the VST you wish for Cream to send MIDI to. ie. Set the receiving VST MIDI In Port to the same number as Cream's MIDI Out Port.
Unfortunately, native FL plugins don't have this option. To route Cream's output to a native FL plugin, use Patcher.
  1. Set Cream's MIDI Out Port, as described above.
  2. Load an FL native plugin in an instance of Patcher.
  3. Right-click the "From FL Studio" object in Patcher and navigate the context menu to:
    Outputs > Events > MIDI Port (# of port that Cream is outputting to)
  4. A new node will appear on the "From FL Studio" object. Connect that node to the Event Input node on the native FL plugin.
Cream In Channel Rack sending to an FL native plugin in Patcher.PNG
You can also house Cream in Patcher. Make sure that the instance of Cream, in Patcher, has a MIDI Out Port assigned.
Cream in Patcher.PNG
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Post Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:27 am

Thanks a lot. I figured it out a while back ( I was just never a big midi-head, as I had no external hardware, and was generally indifferent to midi after hearing very plastic sounding GM sounds years ago ), but this is still very helpful, and if anyone else googles it, they'll get this thread so it increases the general knowledge pool about Cream. I never thought of using it within patcher so i'm definitely gonna try this.
I actually bought the full product after seeing it on offer at plugin boutique ( I think...).
Thanks again for the very helpful reply !! Props.

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Post Tue Nov 29, 2016 8:49 pm

My pleasure, 2NDMOUSE. Sorry that my instructions came so late after when you first posted. i'm glad that you got it working, in the interim.

I too have played around with CreamCM for a while, and took advantage of Plugin Boutique's sale of the upgraded version.

Patcher is great!!!
Below is a pic of one example of routing potential.
The VFX Colour Mapper is splitting out each of Cream's Tracks. One is supplying notes to an instrument while the others have notes mapped to automation values!
It could get even more interdependent with more instruments & fx.
Cream supplying notes and automation.PNG
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