Can't save Cream Presets in Ableton.

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Post Wed Aug 26, 2015 2:47 pm


Purchased Cream from Plugin Boutique. Running it in Ableton Live 9 on Windows 8.1. Managed to register it with the PB provided serial number and Cream says I am registered at the top of the plugin. I cannot save any presets. They appear in the user dropdown in the session but when I close down Live and start it up again they are gone. I have tried reinstalling and placing the data directory in various places, including the programs folder and my VST folder with the cream dll but with no effect. Is there a default place for the data folder under Windows? Strangely, when I save the ableton live set and open it again the last used Cream settings are intact but nothing is saved in the user folders.

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Post Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:11 am


The data path needs to set to a location which doesn't need any additional privileges for example C:\Users\(username)\Documents\cream. Also after installing Cream it may be necessary to run Ableton Live as administrator. Right click on the Live link/icon and choose run as administrator.

Thanks to Plugin Boutique for obtaining the solution from Kirnu.

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