How To Develop A "Delay-Quantize To Next Beat" Software Plugin That Outputs MIDI

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Post Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:44 pm

Hi. I own Kirnu Cream, and notice, with excitement, that it outputs MIDI after processing. From what I gather, Omnisphere does not allow output of its Live Mode "Trigger quantized" data as MIDI. (By trigger-quantized or Trigger mode quantized I just mean that the MIDI values are incorporated into the Host Tempo and displaced to the next rhythmic value, as per settings of measure, quarter, sixteenth, etc. This is of course similar to the triggering of scenes and clips in Ableton, but instead of clips one is directly playing in entire passages, that are quantized to the next later point in real time. Depending on settings one an achieve various desirable effects. I have used it at a setting of 116th to play challenging parts live, and compose things I would not have come up with were it not for this tool. However, in Omnisphere I don't have access to the MIDI result, so either I get it right, or can split and edit the audio, but having the MIDI to work with would be far better. This is a highly desirable thing for me and I don't know what else out there on Windows will perform this feature. Awhile back I asked if there were plans to incorporate such delay-quantizing (during live MIDI input/recording) into Reaper, but have not heard back.

The idea is to facilitate improvisation and performing by "playing slightly early" such as within the 16th note prior to the actual target 16th. This makes it easy for non-musicians to achieve results that they can't otherwise achieve, and clearly it is popular in Omnisphere (and I know they are not the only ones doing this, I just don't have a complete list of Windows/Mac titles to browse. It could already be incorporated into DAW's or other instruments (which I wouldn't mind knowing about), but I want to use this function to develop additional software around it.

Aside from purely using and enjoying the feature, I would also be interested in financially supporting/being involved in such a development of an FX plugin if it would be relatively low cost, assuming I could link the MIDI output with other modules via MIDI and DMX.

Specifically I am working on having lighting control software developed and have a need for this module.

Once again, this is different than quantizing as you play as existed in some DAW's, since they were essentially snapping forward or backward, and only outputting the quantized version upon playback, not essentially in realtime. Snapping forward, and outputting the result as a MIDI stream that can be routed to soft synth plus sequencer track for being recording, that is what is needed.

Kind of like Ableton waiting to trigger your clip or scene according to its trigger setting, but doing so with every single note that's played. Visualize a train of slope-shaped bins being pulled along a track, and things that are dropped a little early will bounce off the slope into the next bin.


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Post Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:45 pm

The genius behind VI, ijiyn (not sure, its a cursive font), has added Pushbike to this library, for the Cockos Reaper DAW. Not on par with Omnisphere's Live trigger modes, but sounding pretty good; still some kinks, and needs work, but definitely check it out and support the developer.

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