How can i load patterns into tracks 2,3,4

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Post Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:57 pm

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How am i supposed to take advantage of having 4tracks if i can load patterns only into track 1? I spoke to the developer about this when i purchased this for pc abouot 3 years ago and he said he was going to add the feature to load patterns into any track....but he never did or at least i never heard back. If you are reading this, mr. Developer, please tell me how i can do this or tell me if you can add this capability! Also since i already purchased cream for pc do i have to pay for cream again if i want to run a version for my ipad? Thanks in advance, can reply to (

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Post Sat Nov 26, 2016 10:24 pm

You can send Cream MIDI program change messages to control pattern changes across the 4 Tracks.

According to the manual:
"Patterns can be changed also with program change messages.
message 0…­11 changes Track 1 patterns,
message 12­…23 changes Track 2 patterns
I have tested this and it works. Unfortunately, you can't send numerous program change messages synchronously.

Keyrange C1…B1 also handle pattern changes, but only for the selected track. It would be great if this behaviour applied to specified MIDI channels.
ie. Say I had Track 1 accepting MIDI In on channel 1, and Track 2 accepting MIDI In on channel 2, then
  1. C1…B1 of channel 1 would change patterns of Track 1.
  2. C1…B1 of channel 2 would change patterns of Track 2.

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