Request; Hold and release notes automatically,when play new notes

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Post Wed Jan 04, 2017 3:39 am

Cream mobile is greatest arpeggiator and sequencer app that I have ever seen .
But why there is not ( hold and releasing ) option for when we change notes on keyboard,: release automatically the previous chord or note ,when we enter the new chord ??
I mean, i enable hold button , and I enter a chord, and i want to change chord ,but i want to ,be released automatically the previous chord or note, when i enter a new chord or note . Like yamaha or korg keyboard when we active accompaniment style .
I know that when I unable the hold button , release note or chord , but i have to hold my fingers on keyboard. I want to improvisation change the chords ,so doesn't use chord memory option , or transpose option.
(( Cream mobile app ))
Very thanks of you if answer to me.

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