TX Modular System: SuperCollider-based freebie!

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Post Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:27 pm

No ultra-schmexy GUI, but looks purty dang capable- and it's free!
If you're a Mac user, a standalone's available- PC or Linux users will need to have SuperCollider installed.
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Re: TX Modular System: SuperCollider-based freebie!

Post Tue Feb 27, 2018 10:33 pm

It's completely awesome. I think it's the largest collection of the most powerful modules I've ever seen. Anywhere.

The power of Supercollider is mind boggling. And... I've never known how to get into it. You can embody many complex sound sources and modulations in a single line of code - but if you want to tweak it, you have to manually change values (numbers) and then run the code again. And again. And again.

TX Modular has knobs. Sliders. Switches. Pulldown menus. Suddenly, tweaking and exploring isn't daunting and inefficient - it's easy, inviting, and fun.

I can't recommend this enough. Check it out. Even if you think VCV Rack is the be-all and end-all, check this out. I've only started exploring TX... but I think it might become my favorite environment, better than Reaktor, better than Tassman, better than VCV.

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Re: TX Modular System: SuperCollider-based freebie!

Post Wed Oct 03, 2018 5:08 am

Just stubled across this, looks like *the* secret weapon super synth!
From a first look a very good combination of accessibility (after spending some time grasping the basic concept) and power: If one can imagine a synthesis approach or effect it's likely that TX Modular has a pre-made module for it. (Hundreds of SuperCollider UGens are wrapped and and nicely categorized. For those that like to go down deep into the rabbit whole it even offers instrument and effect modules that directly accept free-text SuperCollider code :) ).
It also comes with various, quite sophisticated sequencers, from simple (and not so simple) step-sequencers to multichannel piano-rolls with full control over all automation parameters!
Here some nice videos (I like the voice-over - explaining one awesome feature after the next in a very unagitated Droopy Dog style :P ):

The only downsides I can see is that it doesn't run as a VST plugin (only standalone) and - perhaps less a "downside", more an observation - that the UI - even it makes perfect sense from a pragmatic point of view - isn't exactly eye-candy.
And at least on Windows it needs more than one click to install it (comes only with a one-click installer for Mac).

But it's not *that* difficult to get this running on Windows (as usual with installations it's a one-time procedure):
1) Download SuperCollider from here - comes with a usual installer: https://supercollider.github.io/ (https://github.com/supercollider/superc ... x64-VS.exe)
2) download sc3-plugins from the same site: https://github.com/supercollider/sc3-pl ... x64-VS.zip
3) make c:\Users\<your home folder>\AppData visible if you cannot see it: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/hel ... windows-10
3) unzip sc3-plugins and copy the containing folder to C:\Users\<your home folder>\AppData\Local\SuperCollider\Extensions (start SuperCollider once and close it again if this folder shouldn't exist yet)
4) Download TX Modular (the second "If you already have SuperCollider installed" option): http://www.palemoonrising.co.uk/Downloads.html (http://github.com/txmod/TXModular)
5) unzip it and copy the folder TX_Mod_Extensions also to the SuperCollider Extensions folder from point 3)
6) Create an empty folder "TXModular" in C:\Users\<your home folder>\AppData\Local\SuperCollider\ (usually this should happen automatically but fails on Windows)
7) copy the rest of the content of the TX Modular zip somewhere where your user has read-and write access (e.g. create a TXModular folder in your Documents folder and copy everything in)
8) go to that folder and double click Start_TX_Modular.scd. Now the SuperCollider IDE should start with the Start_TX_MOdular.scd file open
9) Go to Language->Quarks in the top dropdown menu. The window that lists all "Quarks" (SuperCollider extensions) opens. Scroll to the buttom and click on the "+" button to the left of "wslib". Wait until wslib is installed (can take a few seconds). Close the Quarks window again.
10) To be on the safe side click "Language->Recompile Class Library" from the top menu.
11) Now TX Modular is installed. To start it, place the cursor into the "TXSystem1.start;" line (no 7) in the Start_TX_Modular.scd window and click on "Language->Evaluate line or selection" in the menu (or click Shift+Return)
12) Now a Window opens where you can choose your soundcard, sample rate etc. Usually you don't have to change anything here and can click "Start Audio Engine"
13) have fun! :)

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