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Post Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:37 am

Sound library for NI Kontakt, SF2 and Renoise .XRNI

TeH Fl0ppy – chromatically sampled floppy disk drives.
We captured the sound of 3 FDD’s.
Why? Because it’s cool.
…and now, it’s updated to V2!

Do you remember the funny videos on various sites where floppy disk drives played popular melodies? Now you can do it without disk drives, micro-controller and wires. Use your DAW and sample players like NI Kontakt or SF2 players and more to play TeH Fl0ppy Disk Symphony.

This library sounds cool in modern electronic music as lead instrument, or sound design element and works well as retro-floppy-emulation-awesomeness too. Add your own effects to distort, bend and loop the base sounds as much as you want.

More info, more details and sound examples:

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