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Post Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:40 pm

Hey there,

I'm new to this forum so first off, apologies if the answer is already out there (here) but I didn't see a "search" area and didn't want to scroll all the pages.

My issue right off is that I'm having trouble getting 'Chord Banks' to save properly. It's hit or miss on the 12 chords (1st page) - Some save okay (as I wrote them) but don't save the proper name.. i.e My Chord #1 is an Eb(D#) (User) and it does come up as such but it's named C (User) - a minor inconvenience I guess as long as the actual Chord is an Eb which in this case it is. But not always the case. Some are spelled differently than how I scripted them... my#2 Chord should be an Ab(G#) (User) and they almost got it right, spelling wise, except three notes are an octave higher (fret 13 instead of fret 1) and the Chord is again named C (User).
I'm using Pro Tools 12.5 HD on a 2014 iMac if that has any bearing. I can't imagine no one else hasn't experienced this so again, sorry if the issue has been covered and please point me towards the tread if it already exist...


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