Playback issues when using Ample Bass VST with Cubase 10.5

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Post Fri May 22, 2020 9:33 am

Hello all,

I am using ABP, ABM, and ABFJ with Cubase 10.5 on a Mac Catalina OS. My question likely has to do with my issues around MIDI recording in Cubase in general, but something specific also happens when using these VSTs. I record the MIDI bass tracks "real time" to an audio backing track, often recording several seconds at a time and then going back over the same section and adding on to them, correcting them, etc. As such, there end up being many overlapping layers of MIDI on the same track. I've always found this to be frustrating on Cubase, because it's a bit of a slog selecting multiple layers at once or deleting notes from multiple layers.

But more specifically here, when I use note automations on the AB VSTs, triggering muted notes, slides, bends, etc., (and often I record these automations as a separate layer after playing the bass notes) the playback ends up erratic - e.g. the note after a slide ends up reverting to a muted note, instead of a legato note like originally intended. I then have to chase these changes by recording additional tracks of automation (e.g legato when I want it to go back to legato), but even then that does not always work.

I have a feeling I'm doing a few things "ass-backwards" here - that maybe all the many layers of recorded MIDI end up confusing the VST or something like that. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you!


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