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Hi, i am a new user of Ample bass p. I am not gonna lie. I have been sitting for the past 2 days, struggling on how to do bass slides with amples bass p. I am using logic and I make my bass mostly with the help of the piano roll. I have read the manual on amples site and it does not help me at all. I just bought it and it makes me so frustrated that I can not figure this out. Please someone help me. Write here or email me at, (

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Please read the manual here

#2.2.6 Legato Slide.

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I'm away from home, so this is from memory...
Make sure the start and end notes are on the same string (use a force string key before the first note - in the manual).
Make sure the notes overlap.
The slide key should come after the first note but before the second note.

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