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Post Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:46 am

First - most important - PPG WaveGenerator (PC) sounds great and I like the flexibility provided by the Wavetable-Editor. It's so much fun to explore various transitions.

After some time of messing around I would like to make three suggestions.

1) What about a multisegment envelope generator?

For my purpose the PPG WG is excellent for long developing soundscapes. But after some time messing with the ADSR I missed something providing more control over the timing.

I would like to have a node in the envelope for each node for the path on the Wavetable. This would make it dead easy to define the timing from one waveshape to the next. Looping points would also be a great improvement.

2) Moving nodes around in the Wavetable editor.

May be I missed something, but it would be great, if you could pick one node and move it to another waveshape. I tried, but only generated new waypoints.

3) Audition of Wavetable nodes

May be I missed this too, but I found no mixed workflow between the Path-Editor and the Browser. I like to jump around the wavetable and had to take note of what "blue pad" in row/column I wanted to lay my next path-node on. Just jumping back and forward was a little cumbersome. Wouldn't it be an improvement, if you could listen to the wave before setting the path-node?

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