Suggested settings for Green Day tone? (Dookie in general, She in particular)

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Post Mon May 29, 2017 4:01 pm


Given that Green Day used a modded plexi, and Thermionik pots don't use a 1:1 replica of the cab it's modelling, does anyone have any suggested settings for how to get the Dookie tone? In particular She.

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Re: Suggested settings for Green Day tone? (Dookie in general, She in particular)

Post Fri Oct 27, 2017 6:29 pm

I seem to remember reading a while ago (I think anyway) that that his sound was coming from two different amps. I want to say they were both with a Marshall Plexi, one was for the main body of the sound, while the other was kind of a crunch sound blended in with it to get a little more definition.

Here is a link to the raw guitar track, which might help hear what is going on a little better:

If you do end up finding a way to get close to that please let us know. This is a sound that I would love to be able to replicate too.

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Re: Suggested settings for Green Day tone? (Dookie in general, She in particular)

Post Fri Oct 27, 2017 7:21 pm

Man, that is a great sound. I'd forgotten actually how good. Worth researching even.

That said, try blending Thermionik's Plexi model with the Jumpy79J. You can probably get very close without a lot of effort, provided you've got your right hand technique on point anyway. ;)
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Re: Suggested settings for Green Day tone? (Dookie in general, She in particular)

Post Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:58 am

There was a video somewhere on Youtube on how a - more modern - Greenday song got mixed. The guitar tracks are described what the mixing engineer received from the recording session. No amp models or cabs or mics are known, but a thing to note: It's always 3 tracks, and they sound so freaking close that I'm even doubting if it's double- / tripletracked or actually just the same recording take with 3 different re-amps.

Anyway, the thing to note - specially from the above Youtube clip of She - is that there are at least two things going on, and I think Shane nailed it in his response. You clearly hear the definition of his strumming, every strum is clearly noticeable. While at the same time there is this wall of saturated distortion. The only proper way to do this is with 2 (or more) amps blended. A lesser-gain sound with some British attributes (more mid-rangy, pokey) mixed with (tastefully and carefully mixed in) a high-gain saturated wall of distortion. Dare to let the lesser-gain sound be loud enough to come through.

'A lesser gain British sound' sounds very much like a Plexi to me, so there's nail-on-the-head #1 from Shane :).

Then, it's known (from GuitarRig videos and stuff like that) that Billy Joe played through an amp 'that had the Dookie mod'... A modded Plexi to add more gain and more of a growl to the lower mid-range. Sounds to me that one of the modded-Plexi models in Thermionik should be a good fit, but since these amps are quite versatile getting the right mix can get some time. Nail-on-the-head #2 from Shane.

Slash his favorite Appetite for Destruction amp was a modded Plexi-style amp (IIRC, a Super-Tremolo with the Tremolo circuit converted to an extra gain stage) and I know the guitar player from Rise Against plays through a modded Plexi. Being described as almost going into DualRectifier territory but keeping the British mid-range sound.

Those modded Plexi's can be a hidden gem, and in my experience the two Thermionik models are often overlooked and forgotten but _so_ awesome if you find a way to dial them in to your liking.

Then again, this video ( shows that a Plexi turned up to max doesn't really need that more gain :P

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