Bad clipping when using amp sims in real time

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Post Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:30 am

Indeed. Whenever I bring up this topic there's always somebody that says "I'm using Nvidia and have no issues". That doesn't mean Nvidia driver doesn't suck, it means that the RME driver is the bomb and can compensate! :clap:

The NVIDIA driver DOES suck. Big time. Compared and benchmarked. If your audio driver is not good (which most aren't), you'll definetely appreciate if your graphics card doesn't add more trouble!

Audient ASIO driver is indeed so-so at best. My old Mackie Blackjack did better. However, the hardware they pack into their interfaces at that price is insane. Being able to unlock its full potential swapping the videocard made me really happy! :D

I'm not an AMD fanboy. In fact, I the last Radeon card I had was still called "ATI", so go figure. In fact, my NVIDIA card was better but I put it for sale as I'm happy with the tradeoff.

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Re: Bad clipping when using amp sims in real time

Post Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:49 am

This is why I don't have a separate graphics card. I just use the iGPU of my i7-6700K. Works like a charm. :)

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