A Kazrog channel strip

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Post Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:25 am

I would love to see what Kazrog could do for a channel strip emulation/design..

I know all the indivual composant of a strip exists separately (made by Kazrog or other) but I love the simplicity and the restricted parameters offered by a well designed strip.. I tend to get lost in gizmos (vsts) and parameters and anyway most of what I listen went through, among other things, some channel strips

Parameters could be Saturation, low/high pass, EQs, compression, limiter - bonus for tape saturation (still use ferricTDS)

I'm still using nastyVCS by variaty of sounds, love it, but I bet Kazrog could do better :wink:

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Re: A Kazrog channel strip

Post Tue Dec 05, 2017 12:04 pm

And most definitly add to that a Kazrog juicy clipper ! What seems to be missing on a lot of channel strips is a good metering. Lufs, peak, RMS and VU all at the same place. Options to move things around in the strip, 2 compressors selectable between emus and clean, 2 different flavors of EQs both clean and emus pre and post comp, a good gate, a waveshaper maybe, automatic gain compensation, console emus, a real All in one. With collapsable panel and on/off options for every sections.

As much as I would appreciate it I think it's a good thing that the focus is on instruments for Kazrog as this is one of the only place where we can find rare very good sounding cheap amps. And a remake of Recabinet 5 like previously discussed would be more practicle for me at least.
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Re: A Kazrog channel strip

Post Tue Dec 05, 2017 12:18 pm

All good ideas, your suggestions are very interesting,

I sure wish Kazrog emphasize amp sim since it's my main interest but the more I learn about music production the more I get that the sound we hear is the sum of multiple hardware/software chain interaction (and saturations). He could do both ;)

Maybe a teaser could be included in a revisited Recabinet (6)? The basis are already there but the concept with the console eq could be expended. And the slopes on the console EQ in recabinet could be steeper.. They are.. gentle :D

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