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Post Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:07 am

(continuing from the 'RIP Cakewalk' topic)
BenLoftis wrote:Hi glokraw,

Thanks very much for taking time to try Mixbus! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!!
glokraw wrote:U-he and Reaper both let you insert your
serial, from a click in part of the gui, paste the ###s
and you're done. Your 'activation url' setup requires getting online,
Hmm, we send a license file via email, which you can then save & manage any way you like. So yes, in that sense, you must be online. But... how else would you receive the file except online? Carrier pigeon? :wink:
glokraw wrote: I really really dislike a session manager opening at launch
The audio and midi connection panels really need to be on the same gui
and in the 'New Track' dialog, please make stereo the default for midi tracks.
And the vertical label texts on those audio/midi connection panels are upside-down.
Thanks, I've made a note of these. I don't necessarily agree with all your suggestions, but I understand that everyone has different (and valid) use-cases.
glokraw wrote: And please lose the whole default-synth thing. Removing it is
just another needless chore keeping me from starting a new tune,
or just enjoying the play.
Good point.

We should probably remember the last-selected synth. Then if you choose "none", it will stick that way for future tracks.
glokraw wrote:When I start reaper, it just smiles and waits for my command.
Right-click, choose 'insert plugin on new track',
an weee beee jammmin'...
I feel the same way about Mixbus. How long have you used Reaper? I suspect that you'd feel similarly comfortable on Mixbus in a few days or weeks of use.

-Ben at Harrison

P.S. This might be off-topic for the current thread. If you want to discuss Mixbus's design decisions further, we should probably do it in KVR's Mixbus forum.[/quote]
To be clear, I've bought Mixbus twice now, and the points I've mentioned
prevent me from using Mixbus as often I would like, as it offers much about
mixing and mastering that I need to learn about, while providing
a good sounding basic output from which to expand upon.

I use Reaper, and Bitwig effects chain, in my linux daw environment,
because I am their boss, at all the levels I attain to.

I laughed at your carrier-pidgeon joke, although I have had to get an activation
reset twice now, but I'll deal with support on a deeper level if it happens again.
I've probably got both purchases on one machine by mistake :dog:

Should a fire sale avail itself, I hope you grab Dimension Pro, z3ta, and Rapture,
the old versions, with just some scalability added to the old gui's,
would be great additions to your product lineup. They work fine in wine.

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