OB-Xd AUv3 synth mobile 1.0.7 released

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Post Wed Nov 13, 2019 3:44 am

  • Updated framework for enhanced stability.
  • Bigger switch buttons.
  • Replaced LCD font.
  • Relocated voice variation knobs.
  • Consistent section font size and placement.
  • MIDI learn disabled.

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Re: OB-Xd AUv3 synth mobile 1.0.7 released

Post Wed Jan 01, 2020 4:04 pm

Thank you for releasing this. I bought on your merits with the previous Mac version of Obxd which is great. However I don't see any way to actually use this in iOS. There are no presets and no way, that I can see, to edit anything without activating iOS zoom and use the zoomed display. With this you can painstakingly change parameters. What's the point though?

To me it makes little sense to emulate the graphical experience that kinda works on a computer. An alternative standard parameters only display would be very welcome. This instrument has a great deal of potential, so why not give us a really useful way to interact with parameters and presets? Especially as MIDI learn is now not present?

Please look at the great KQ Dixie plug-in that has a great way to present parameters in an economical yet useful way.

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Re: OB-Xd AUv3 synth mobile 1.0.7 released

Post Thu Jan 02, 2020 4:28 am

Thanks for taking the time writing such thoughts regarding OB-Xd mobile!

Right now, OB-Xd mobile plug-in is designed to be used with AU hosts like GarageBand (which is free). Could you describe why is preset tweaking so hard? At least using a full-screen view seems OK, but I agree the current zooming system makes it hard for windowed views (ie.- when using it with a virtual MIDI keyboard at the time).

Alternative parameter display is also available with any AU host. For example, GarageBand will display a AU parameter view that is much more usable with a virtual MIDI. MIDI lear has issues indeed and has been disabled until I can implement it in a proper way.

Regarding factory presets: they will be available with the next 1.1.0 release. After the basic is done, then preset sharing/load/saving within the plugin will be implemented as well.

KQ Dixie is very interesting. It sure has some clever ways to display parameters. Also seems to have a ton of developing time spent on it and OB-Xd is work in progress :)

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