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Post Sat Apr 20, 2019 4:57 pm


I'm trying to use apTrigga to replace some snare sounds. I have 6 samples of the same snare (varying intensities on hits) and have set up them in order to trigger according to the peaks of the original snare on the track.

Pretty straightforward, and I've managed to make apTrigga do the job. However, here's the issue I'm having...

When I record the replaced sounds on a new track (or Bounce the triggered track), all hits have a certain delay, even with Delay Compensation turned on in Pro Tools.

I could just "nudge" the new track back to make it sync with the original, but I noticed that this delay varies from hit to hit. It seems to me, upon checking, that the softer the hit (the lower the peak on the raw track) the higher this delay is on the printed track.

My 6 snare samples are in sync, no phasing issues and they all have the same starting points (triple-checked that), so the issue is not in the samples themselves.

Apparently apTrigga itself is causing this delay, making the softer hits have higher delay times.

Is there some sort of configuration I might have missed that is causing that?

I've tried fiddling or turning off all controls, including xfade, dynamics, holdtime, etc.

Appreciate any help!

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Post Mon Apr 22, 2019 7:04 am

Hi Agneir. First of all, what version of apTrigga3 are you using? If it is v3, then the first thing to try is to change the detection algorithm from "precise" to "fast" or the other way and check if that makes a difference. What amount of delay difference are you seeing?

apTrigga is designed for real-time usage, so it cannot look into the future and there is always going to be some minor delay. It cannot start playback before something happened. The dynamics per se do not affect that delay in any way but it all depends on your source material and the trigger settings.

If you look at the source, do the softer hits rise much more slowly? That would explain some extra delay as detection won't start before the lower threshold in apTrigga3 is crossed. The lower you can set the threshold, the earlier detection will start.

To help you more I need more information. Maybe a zoomed-in screenshot of the original track vs. the triggered one? You could also just send me your preset and a track using the contact form so I could see what's going on.

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