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Post Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:13 am

Hi I bought drumtree off the back of the amazing examples on the website but now I've got it installed and trying to trigger it with my Roland td11 it just doesn't the same. I'm new to knotakt player so I'm hoping it's the settings but it sounds very robotic and there is lots of machine gunning? Does the cute humanization work on incoming midi from my edrums? I have tried turning it all the way to the right and left and I can't hear any difference. When I do a drum roll of fast beats at similar velocity I can only hear one or two round robins, certainly not 8.
I also don't understand how to implement the vdrums key map I downloaded from your website?
Any help would be great appreciated.

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Re: Drumtree with edrums

Post Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:57 pm

Hi dntoddy,

Thank you for your purchase Drumtree. Roland Vdrums has original midi CC and it does not have total compatibility with Standard Midi drums. But we offer the custom multi-script to trigger Drumtree with third party edrums. I think it needs some midi knowledge, but you could download this multi-script from Drumtree tips page.
It also shows how to implement multi-script on "Closed Hi-hat Behavior" on the same page.

Farther information about multi-script, please check Kontakt manual or Youtube. Actually We don't have Vdrums and don't know the system very well, but hopefully you could adjust many things with this script.

Drumtree's round-robin is 2 on the same velocity. But when you turn up the cute humanizing knob, it offers velocity randomization wider. Some keys do not have a lot of velocity layers, so it's easy to see it works correctly with snare, kick or hihat (C1, D1, F#1, A#1) . Do you have midi keyboard? Please check it with it first.

Thank you.

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