Problem on TubiLeSax - notes disapears (resolved)

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Post Fri Aug 15, 2003 12:56 pm

Ohh, very nice to know. ;)

Our code use two types of messages. Note-Off and Note-Of with Velocity = 0 - there was the problem. :oops: Now I'm doing the above, and checking if a note is ON before setting OFF. Much better, and will work with any type of keyboard. Since some keyboards (like mine) never send an actual Note-Off, just a Note-On/0 while your keyboard send both. So is good to have an option for all keyboards.

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Post Fri Aug 15, 2003 1:28 pm

Yes, I think it is common for keyboards to send a Note On with 0 velocity for a key release instead of a Note Off. The Note Off is normally used by keyboards that detect the velocity of the key release and the release-velocity is then encoded in the Note Off message instead of using a 0 velocity in a Note On message. Handling both will definitely make TubiLeSax more versatile!

Thanks for the quick response and solution!!!

:) :) :)


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