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Post Wed Aug 29, 2018 4:06 am

What is the KVR Expert forum?

KVR Expert is a focused forum where a handpicked expert from within the KVR community hosts a discussion intended to demystify a single product or technology.  

Are these conventional product reviews?

KVR Expert forums are interactive.  A handpicked KVR Expert initiates the exploratory process with a post and/or video but thereafter KVR Users and even the Developers themselves may put forth insights and respond to questions in a free flowing and proactive way.  Just like any forum, only focused on a single technology and hosted by a community member with deep expertise.  With no time or space limitations, a KVR Expert discussion, properly cultivated, will grow into the most complete and detailed coverage a product can possibly receive.  

How are products selected for KVR Expert?  

In the beginning KVR will choose products that benefit from the KVR Expert format, and appoint an expert from the community to moderate the thread. In the long term the KVR community will influence the choice of product or technology explored.  

Will you censor negative comments? 

The same rules apply as any forum: posts are deleted if they don’t obey the community guidelines. The Expert posts are intended to be about what products CAN do, not what they CAN’T, and as such should be constructive. If a member of the community has a gripe with a developer, they should post it in the developer’s forum, or on the developer’s website, not in the Experts Forum. Any developer worth buying a product from wants constructive criticism so they can improve their products, and KVR Experts can provide companies with that valuable feedback.

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