15 music marketing mistakes indie artists make

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Post Fri Feb 15, 2019 7:13 am

The indie artist life.

I personally continue to view myself as and indie, and forget sometimes that I'm not, because I've been one for the majority of my career.

I understand the money struggle, the value of networking, and the day-to-day hustle that is required when you are the only one accountable for your success.

How the heck do you get people to go out to your shows, let alone follow you on Spotify? It was a big learning experience for me and continues to be.

Without further ado, here are 15 marketing mistakes indie artists make by Disc Makers Blog!

https://blog.discmakers.com/2016/03/15- ... ists-make/

BUT - these tips are just as valuable FOR signed artists or those with agents/managers. No one is going to be able to bring you success, it is up to you!

#3 is my personal fav. With everyone buying followers these days or doing contests to gain random followings, it is more important to engage with your smaller audience.

The 1,000 fan theory is my favorite. You can make 100,000 in one year if each of your 1,000 fans spend only $100 on you. So provide value to each and every one of those fans, instead of trying to grow a social media number.

QOTD: Are you indie? What is one thing that has helped you grow your career? Would love to hear! :tu:

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Re: 15 music marketing mistakes indie artists make

Post Sat Feb 16, 2019 5:13 am

The 1,000 fan theory is my favorite
The 1000 fan legend I assume, how does one get so many fans ever :o?

All in all, to get things running, I had to find some credible labels to do the marketing for me. Or at least some promotional materials. Linking other's covers or videos is easy but also gets much broader reach than making own stuff.
Most importantly, it engages other people with their own fanbase and environment. If you get a remix or a collab, it will be always at least two people promoting stuff instead of just only one.
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