10 Production Tips to Stay Motivated

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Post Mon Feb 18, 2019 6:55 am

It's Monday.

So with having the typical Monday mood, for today's article I found "10 Production Tips to Stay Motivated" by Splice's blog: https://splice.com/blog/10-production-t ... otivated/

RANT: I've had a hard time staying motivated lately. Not with one specific thing, but with everything.

As a musician/producer, you don't only have to stay active on socials. You also have to work on your craft, write great material, network, work with your industry, etc.

It's like you're wearing a million hats at once, and it's easy to get burnt out. Spending too much time on one thing can make another suffer, but just how much time do you need to grow everything at once?

QOTD: Do you have any tips for staying motivated? (Not asking for a friend, haha!)

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Re: 10 Production Tips to Stay Motivated

Post Mon Feb 18, 2019 7:51 am

I think the question is centered of one type of musician/producer, those in it for the pursuit of a career in music. As an ex salesman of music gear I can tell you I made far more money off of those who had day jobs, weren't looking to give up their day jobs but were passionate about playing. I think this distinction really is important here because those who are looking to also create a strong public image have different factors when it comes to motivation. Like you said it's easy to get burned out wearing so many hats but also imo it's easier to lose perspective. It's a very competitive career, high pressure to produce and also sell yourself, whether you have agents, management or other entities demanding deadlines can also be a factor. I cant comment on how to stay motivated there, I have zero interest and to be very honest money/popularity are very poor motivators for me.

From my perspective (I am not demonstrative about my playing) I have a lot less that requires my attention which affects motivation. I think I have more things that can motivate me, or perhaps better to say that what motivates is less complicated as I dont have to worry how "x" will affect "y". What motivates me is passion (which is probably no different than anyone tbh), I find things to motivate me all the time, articles on music, reading about a piece of gear, tips here and elsewhere, the weather, relationships, the good, the bad, the ugly, the simple things in life, even extreme stress and glee.

My music is the greatest gift I ever received, it simply is a part of me that doesn't need to be overly apparent to others. I have tons of unfinished stuff on my hard drives, they are not a product for income but a product from my passion. If I stop playing a song or working on it it's only because it has done for me what I asked of it already, I am very good at expressing my emotions through music but that is akin to have one walkie talkie. I'm not communicating my emotions through my expression, I'm expressing it to myself. I compare it to watching a show alone and something funny happens I laugh when no one is there, something sad happens I might cry though no one is there, I am expressing my emotions when I play and it feels as natural as tears of joy and sadness, but I dont care if anyone else gets that, understands it or even cares. I am however sometimes interested in what other people pick up from my music (couldn't care less about their judgment), what their interpretation if you will is.

What motivates me is life, all that happens and once again it is and has been proven to be the greatest gift I ever received.
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Re: 10 Production Tips to Stay Motivated

Post Mon Feb 18, 2019 4:39 pm

i wish i knew :shrug:
by which i mean, i just have to, it's not a choice.
i ache to make noises.
i dont have any desire though, this is where i fall down.
im not interested in fame or money, so there is no motivation to create "product" for an audience.
i do what i do, and it's done. if people enjoy it, that's cool. if they dont, fine.
ive gotten to a point where some of my favourite comments on my stuff is "wtf is that?" kind of thing, because that's an honest guy reaction :)
many years ago, i emptied a room of about 60 people in under 5 mins :D

i get a lot of "you should do sci fi/horror" comments too, and while i admit, would be awesome to see my name in the credits of some crappy space zombie film, im not even motivated to seek out some indie film maker and give him a track.
but i am motivated to make the noises.
so in that spirit, i am gone a modulatering!

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