The Mindset for Success for Today's Music Entrepreneurs

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Post Mon Apr 01, 2019 5:53 am

Happy Monday guys!

Lately I've read a few posts that have pressured on the importance of having the right "mindset" while pursuing a career in music.

It was only until I faced difficult decisions in my career, or times of doubt, that the importance of a healthy mindset became clear to me.

But even in times of success, a proper mindset can help you grow your business and open up doors that may have stayed closed if you were focussing your time elsewhere.

For today's article, I found The Mindset of Success: Four Pillars for Today’s Music Entrepreneurs by ... preneurs/

QOTD: What is one mindset that has helped you get to where you are now in the music industry? (Asking for a friend) :tu:

A beneficial mindset I actively use is flipping my view towards networking. Instead of going to events to find opportunity and promote myself, I go to meet friends and add value in any way that I can. The outcome has been tenfold.

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