Update to Zebra 2.8 doesn't migrate favorites from 2.7

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Post Tue Jul 24, 2018 4:51 pm

Hey all - late to the Zebra 2.8 update. Just did the Diva update, went great, and all previous favorites from earlier version are still intact. All favorites from previous Diva version now show as the default grey "favorites 1" color. No problem - can still see them.

However, it seems none of my favorites were carried over from Zebra 2.8 from the previous 2.7.2 version (I think that was the last version I had installed). I did luckily save my old presets folder, and just tried copying over the "favorites" database txt file from the backup, but that didn't work either. Haven't changed folder structure or anything either.

Anything I might be missing? Obviously a big update to the preset / favorites handling, but everything migrated perfectly from Diva, which seems to have the same updates to presets / favorites as Zebra 2.

Thanks for any suggestions. If no fix, will likely just install zebra 2.7 on laptop, copy over old database, and manually click copy the favorites from one to the other. Would suck to this - I'm a preset whore! ha.

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Re: Update to Zebra 2.8 doesn't migrate favorites from 2.7

Post Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:01 pm

Ooh two posts... :)
Did u move any of the patches before updating? Also u made sure the scan bar was completely finished right?
U can still dump the zebra2_presetbank file if the favourites txt is still there and let it try to do it again..
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Re: Update to Zebra 2.8 doesn't migrate favorites from 2.7

Post Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:41 pm

Oops! Ya weird, did an edit to my first post and I think I accidentally resubmitted the post.

Going to check / try everything you mentioned. I did have an install problem - in that it wouldn't allow me to install the 'data' folder into my original location, which is an an internal SSD sample drive. I keep all my U-He data off the C drive. Seemed like it was a permissions issue, and it also happened with Diva. I then had to take the new 2.8 data folder and move to the data drive and relink the shortcut. Something may have gone wrong her, although all presets work no problem. But perhaps the favorites got messed up in this process.

I may just do the whole install again, reverting back to 2.7 first.

Anywho - let me try out what you mentioned...

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Re: Update to Zebra 2.8 doesn't migrate favorites from 2.7

Post Wed Jul 25, 2018 12:48 am

No need to repeat the installation process, you can do what Richard suggested.

The old favourites and junk will only be checked and imported the first time you load the new Zebra 2.8 version.
If you did not have your old presets folder in place at that time, the plugin can not import any favourites.

To make it import them at a later point, you have to delete the preset database file Zebra2_Presets.presetsdb.
You can find it in the Zebra2.data\PresetDatabase folder.

Then check if the old favourites and junk files are at the right place.
In the Zebra2.data\Presets\Zebra2 folder, there should be a Favourites.db.txt and a Junk.db.txt file. This is how the old Zebra version stored favourites.

Then start your host, and load Zebra. It will now create a new database file and import the old favourites and junk.

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