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Post Sun Apr 04, 2021 12:13 am

Hello everyone!
First of all, I really love the sound of Hive2. And so many great presets provided with the factory list itself.

My problem/question is: when I browse/go through different presets, I can't audition the sounds on my extrenal keyboard if I click out of the top part of Hive2 window (see the picture/the bar above Hive2 text is the area where I need to click always)).
- If I click the preset arrows on the top, I need to click back on the very top of Hive2 and then I can again use keyboard (so everytime I chance the sound/preset I need to go to the top bar above of Hive2 and click)

Also: I can mouse click the Hive2's own keyboard and audition sounds with mouse clicking, but the external keyboard doesn't give any sound - until I click the top bar above Hive2 text.

i use other instruments (Serum, Vital) and don't have the same problem.
i use Hive2 in FL Studio 20 (Windows).
Thank you for if anyone can help me :)
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