Roland D50 "filters".

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Post Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:44 pm

jariseon wrote:Munt implements "classic" partials like this: ... r.cpp#L117
Someone made an MT32 emulator? That hilarious and awesome at the same time, i'll have a look at it.
jariseon wrote:The code looks to be similar to what LouisG and MadBrain explained above: half-cosine interpolated trivial pulse, ring-modulated with a sine in case of a sawtooth. Filter cutoff is simulated with variable sloped half-cosines in the interpolation step, and resonance is added in using a decaying sinusoid.
I have no idea what that means. :D But i do intend to find out. Nice to have that mystery solved, it's been bothering me since 1987.

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