Sympathetic resonance

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Here's an example which crossfades across 10 IRs. The 10s IRs are all different plucked guitar harmonics, and the sound they're applied to is a scrambled, ring modulated guitar. The ring modulated guitar is completely inharmonic, so all the consonant resonances you hear are coming from the IRs. ... on-example
Interesing though the guitar itself is hard to recognize within those sounds. But it shows that it's possible.
In other words the solution is a room reverb combined with the "pure" tuned filters
I also thought that SR should be part of reverb vst because room's air is the medium of interaction between instruments.

This intertracktial vst should be not as hard to make as spaceships and airplance. One guru in physics and a programer are enough to calcuate that... All properties of materials are documented as well as resonators... It's a bulky work of course and should be well sponsored and the vst itself will cost a lot
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