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Post Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:09 pm

Synth Competition

Since I see no KVRDC2017, I thought I'd motion.
Seeing how few people are interested in collaboration for generating a common project, I'm curious if anyone is interested in some friendly competition as a creative catalyst. I have in mind a new softsynth that is designed to be full spectrum for all users (absolute newbie to absolute master), limited to only your creativity and technical skill. You must do all your own work.

Rules: This is a competition of good sportsmanship, intended to boost everyone's skill set and market integration for those involved.

Time Limit: If you are joining the competition, state your commitment. Step up or step back. The contest will begin in one week, from the exact post time of this post, you have exactly 30 days from that point, and must post their start time (marks the beginning) and end time (marks the submission).

Judging: Voting/polls and/or any interested veteran judges (ie. Steve, Richard, Urs, etc). Criteria will include sound quality, appearance and layout, time of development, errors and bugs, scope, and innovation.

Result: Winner gets to set the next contest criteria, such as an effect, their own rules (aside from the posterity), and the cycle repeats. Your finished product is yours, rebrand and sell it on the market, or give it as charity to the world. This will also get you recognition as a developer and headway in this market.


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Re: If you can't join 'em, beat 'em.

Post Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:45 pm

I don't think you understand anything about this art/job/business/whatever.
If that was the case you would be able to persuade at least a few people so far.
The only thing we have understood is that Vertion has money to spend for this, whatever the end result might be, which might be total failure.
OK, I'll try to make some synth and you'll be paying for patch and GUI designers and all the marketing costs.
Would that work? :-)
(Not that I'm sure I have the time for this, perhaps others might have and following the same idea you might be able to work with them. The requirement for investment in a risky business is what's stopping many people. 30 days long competition is just a bad joke. That's not a business plan. I guess you already know there are many people who can build just another synth. What's stopping them?)

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