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I'm currently undertaking a massive reworking of my version of IPlug, in order to bring it up-to-date. There's a huge amount of work to do, but some nice features are on the horizon (I'm particularly excited about high performance vector graphics support using metal (macOS) and nanovg. here's an overview:
  • DOCUMENTATION! proper doxygen and better introduction text and tutorials describing how things work
  • Seamless retina/hi DPI graphics support
  • UI scaling/resizing support
  • “IGraphics” is optional (you can make in a IPlug plug-in with whatever UI framework on top, even JUCE)
  • - “IGraphics” is not abandoned, in fact once again it becomes an interface, with IPlugLice inheriting from IGraphics (providing the current UI rendering)
  • IGraphicsCairo, IGraphicsAGG, IGraphicsNanoVG - new graphics implementations which each have their advantages and disadvantages.
  • many things have been adapted for C++11, const correctness and taking references rather than pointers where that makes sense
  • tidy code base
  • separate IPlug from WDL, so that it could be rewritten with the STL (although I will not be doing this)
  • CMake support
  • Try and keep it simple to use for beginners
further goals include WAM and AUv3 support.

I'm trying to get 25 patrons on patreon, to keep me motivated. if anyone here would like to support this work, either by chipping in with pull requests/feedback or by becoming a patron that would be much appreciated!

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