Weird script problem in 3rd party Kontakt library

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Post Sat Mar 03, 2018 8:14 am

I am currently struggling with a 3rd party Kontakt library that behaves oddly in Logic (is this the right sub-forum?):

When I load the nki and immediately strike a note, it kills my audio output with a loud pop and subsequent silence (then I do the usual thing like changing any audio buffer value etc in Logic to make it work again).

I can, however, avoid that when moving the modwheel slightly before striking the first note :o Kontakt also throws a script warning (real_to_int clipped from -inf to...) on loading the file.

Now, I am just a humble beginner and don´t know how to start debugging other peoples´ 30.000+ lines scripts... (it isn´t locked)

The developer (really a nice, kind and helpful guy) tells me he doesn´t know how to fix it either since that issue is apparently only happening for a fraction of his users, and that I best just move the modwheel before striking a note. Which works but is unsatisfying to the nerd in me.

It´s so annoying though that I wish I at least knew where to look - just in case one of you fine people has a tip for me (except "just move the modwheel, man!" :D )?


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Re: Weird script problem in 3rd party Kontakt library

Post Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:06 pm

You'd probably have better luck getting a response on this forum: ... ontakt.33/

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