Segfault when attempting to write wrapper for VST synth module (help needed)

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Post Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:05 pm

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I'm developing VST 2.4 synth wrapper (a mini host). The synth plugin loads a child vst plugin and passes all calls/commands to the child module. However, I get crash (segfault?) when attempting to start the GUI from DAW (renoise).

I'm developing this on Linux. Here is pseudocode what I'm doing

Code: Select all (#)


module = dlopen("");
func = dlsym(module, VSTPluginMain);
aeffect = call func(callback)
AudioEffect* eff = aeffect->object;
return new HostAudioEffectWrapper(eff).getAeffect();
Do you know source code examples showing how to do this? It is difficult to debug because DAW doesn't show specific backtrace.

Are there any hi quality VST 2.x documentation? I've just read minimal VST 2.4 source code that is still part of Steinberg SDK.

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