Infinite player with Infinite foundation: is it worth it?

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Post Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:07 am

Hi I just got this in my email: ... e=nl130122

$20 seems like a good price, however I don't have any experience with this product line. How good is the included library, how good is the infinite player (I have an idea of what it does, but have never used it), and how good are the extra 'capsules' or add on libraries?

I already have the full version of Kontakt 5 via komplete 8, so I basically am interested to know if this will add to my arsenal or just add duplicate sounds that I already have in the stock kontakt library. Also if the infinite player adds another dimension to Kontakt or if it is just a fancy scripted interface.


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Post Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:21 am

infinite player isn't really anything more, as it says, than 'a gateway to Sonic Reality sounds' - i.e. it's their ip protection. once you have it, you can install any infinite player library on the site.

looks like it comes with some decent drum kits, a decent piano, and some other stuff i'm not familiar with (looks like it was added since i d/ld infinite player long ago). i like the chicago blues kit.

the ip libraries are hit and miss. i have a bunch of drum masters 2 and OWD stuff and i still really like it and use it often. i also have one of the orchestral kapsules and, even though it's based on miroslav, i have better stuff and found it not very playable, though it sounds OK, though they added some patches later that give you keyswitching and some other things not in the original; i haven't really tried those. if you need strings or percussion for $20, maybe not a bad deal. the rest i already have sampletank versions of and haven't gotten the kontakt one too; the standouts there you might find useful are maybe world instruments and trons.

might also be useful if you don't already have kontakt full; as a 'third party' library, it's kontakt player-enabled. so even though for most of those categories, there's something equivalent in the kontakt library, you could get just the player & the pieces you want, and spend a lot less. they have periodic sales so you can space it out.

also... when they have half-price upgrades, infinite player qualifies for a kontakt upgrade. at $20, that is probably about the cheapest way to get into kontakt.

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Post Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:39 am

Thanks Chroma.

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Post Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:05 pm

It's nothing to set the world on fire, compared to other libraries available for Kontakt. However, for $40 you can get the Infinite player and Omnisoundz 2 GM -- the latter is actuallly quite a nice little general midi soundbank, well worth having as a kind of swiss army knife, imho.

An added plus is that getting it in its Infinite Player format lets you avoid the only other format it's in (as far as I know), namely Sampletank. ... uNbgY-4qFK

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