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Post Wed Sep 08, 2021 10:40 am

New sales added to Black Octopus Sound

40% off IL GrossBeat

50% off Sugarbytes Wow2 ... s-wow-2-2/

50% off Beyron Altron

$44 AudioThing OuterSpace ... ter-space/

Earn store credit discounts with each purchase at Black Octopus Sound
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Post Wed Sep 08, 2021 10:48 am

Riemann's Melodic Techno 1 sample pack currently free on their site ... s-oneshots

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Post Wed Sep 08, 2021 3:17 pm

VSTBuzz: 60% off “Hip Hop Creator” by Realitone. Normally €171, now only €69. More information at ... realitone/ - Up to 99% off one sample library or plugin every single week!

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Post Wed Sep 08, 2021 8:33 pm

Happy 909 Day!

75% off D16 Drumazon, now $29 instead of $109:

90% off JRR Sounds 909 Kits, now $1.01 instead of $9.09:

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Post Thu Sep 09, 2021 3:07 am

Happy 909 day! Get New Loops best selling drum bundle for only £9 with code: 909 :party:

Premium Drum Bundle includes 3 high quality sample packs totalling 912 drum sounds. This bundle covers all your kicks, 808 and 909 hats, rides, crashes, claps, snares, shakers, tambourines, and much more.

Available in WAV, Ableton Live, and Reason Refill. Download the free demo pack now from


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Post Thu Sep 09, 2021 4:16 am

MeldaProduction has announced the 36th round of the Eternal Madness Discount 2021!
50% OFF some of the most powerful audio plugins on the market until September 12th (23:59:59 UTC).

MSoundFactory - the ultimate modular instrument.

MMorph - morph between 2 audio materials, an indispensable tool for anyone who really wants to be creative.

MXXXCore - an affordable way to get MXXX. It is cheap and you can buy only those modules you actually want.

MChorusMB - potentially the best sounding chorus effect on the market, but also the most versatile one!

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Post Thu Sep 09, 2021 5:06 am

Elektron Model: Samples and Model: Cycles seem to be on sale at most online retailers for $249 ($50 off regular price) - sale looks like it goes through September 30th.

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Post Thu Sep 09, 2021 7:52 am

Lab One Recordings are having a end of summer sale on their Rack Extensions for Reason ... RECORDINGS

Black Knight, ReQ131, Red Queen, Enforcer, Battle-Axe and incoming Mace on sale until 20th September
yep still on the 16 bar loop... :D

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Post Thu Sep 09, 2021 8:36 pm

50% off Kilohearts Toolbox Starter, now $49 instead of $99:

Last day for 50% off Presonus Studio One Add-Ons: ... _from_date

Last day to get Sonible smart:EQ 3 Upgrade for $29:

Last day to get 25% off Sonarworks Upgrades with coupon code "Sonarworks25": ... ame&type=2

Last day to get Inspired Acoustics Inspirata Lite for $30: ... _from_date

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Post Fri Sep 10, 2021 8:33 am

10% Discount code for ADSRsound (not valid for sale items)

Code: 21rev20t7h8

This coupon will expire on: 09/17/21

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Post Fri Sep 10, 2021 8:50 am

For only $19.90 (instead of $79), get SynthMaster One by KV331 Audio!

SynthMaster One is an easy to use wavetable synthesizer with an intuitive workflow. Although it shares the same engine with its bigger brother SynthMaster, it comes with new features like wavetable synthesis.

With its simple layout, rich wavetable/waveform content and inspiring factory presets library, designing new sounds with SynthMaster One is a real joy. Watch our videos, listen to the audio demos and you’ll see how easy it is to design sounds with this synth.

Originally $79, this must-have synth is now available for just $19.90 for a limited time only, don’t miss out!

Deal page: ... 331-audio/
Deal ends on September 23, 2021 at midnight eastern time
There's always a hot deal cooking at Audio Plugin Deals! Check out the latest deals here:

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Post Fri Sep 10, 2021 11:46 am

'Atlas 2' intro offer now available @ Rast Sound,


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Post Sat Sep 11, 2021 9:58 pm

Last day 50%/9.90 Euro off the Cyberpunk ZERO POINT ONE library for Omnisphere.

Use coupon code ELECTRICSHEEP at the checkout to take advantage of this offer. ... t-one.html
Plughugger Sound Design
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Post Sun Sep 12, 2021 10:25 am

50% off Audiority Klirrton Grindstein Death Metal Plugin Suite, now $49 instead of $99:

Precisely modeled in collaboration with Klirrton Manufaktur and producer Kristian Kohle from Kohlekeller Studio, the Grindstein is the official analog modeled simulation suite of their ultimate death metal preamp, along with the cutting edge Schnauze noise gate and the new Fleisch equalizer. Dirty and fuzzy death metal tones from the 90s into the modern age, from a ripping chainsaw to a more modern and tight sound with just a touch of grind.

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Post Mon Sep 13, 2021 1:40 am

87% Off LSS Solo Strings by Aria Sounds

For only $39.99 (normally $307), get LSS Solo Strings by ARIA SOUNDS!

Powered by the full version of Kontakt, LSS SOLO STRINGS is a 16GB sample library comprising of meticulously sampled solo violin, viola, cello, and double bass instruments.

These instruments were sampled in a large beautiful concert hall, with many microphones, making up four main, mixable mic perspectives, close mono, close pair, mid-room and far room. The difference in perspectives is huge, meaning you can create sounds ranging from a very dry and up-close sound, to a singing, naturally reverberated distant violin – as well as many degrees between the two.

This is a limited-time offer you should not miss, hurry and save!

Deal page:
Deal ends on September 26, 2021, at midnight eastern time

  • 16 GB of Content
  • The full version of Kontakt 4 or above is required to run this software.
  • Three true legato modes
  • Four mic positions
  • Includes portamento
  • Staccato (24 variations per note)
  • Soft and hard release modes
  • Trills
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