Receptor: How to get Support

Discussion and Support for Receptor and MuseBox, the Hardware Plug-in players by Muse Research.
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Post Mon Mar 13, 2006 8:34 am

This topic is to clarify the most effective way to obtain support from Muse R&D.

NOTE: This forum is not the first line of support, although most Musers do of course post and respond to many of the messages here.

Your first port of call should be the Plugorama Knowledge Base.

The preferred way to obtain support directly from Muse Research is via the Support Helpdesk ticket on Plugorama, this enables us to track the support ticket effectively, and ensure the relevant person can deal with it.

Phone, (650) 326-5400 ext. 2, is available during West Coast office hours (9-5 PST).

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