Acoustic Samples C7 Grand UVI Workstation Update

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Post Tue Jul 26, 2016 9:15 am

Hello All!

I'm interested in buying the Acoustic Samples C7 Grand software, but received the following message (see below) from their support desk regarding the need for an older version of the UVI Workstation so the iLok process can work. Is anyone using this program and where I might find the necessary UVI Workstation? I use a 2010 Receptor 2 Pro Plus running OS V1.9, which I bought used a couple of weeks ago.

Dear Carl,

We don’t know much about the Receptor and its compatibility with UVI Workstation and we can’t guarantee our products will work with it correctly because MUSE used to handle all of the support (they are actually theones that asked us for versions of our products that would work on their machines).
All i know is that it requires a specially made version of UVI Workstation (and certainly not a recent version, because of the iLok system that evolved greatly in 2014 and muse not being able to keep up and port these changes on they linux system), but i have no idea where to find it.
If you can find this version and can install it on your receptor, then the C7Grand will work in it (we just have to send you a different and older download link). I think that the best way to find it is to ask the MUSE support, even if the company went down, i believe they still offer support.

The C7Grand license will work for both the computer and the receptor because it’s a relatively old product (the license for it was created before the end of 2014), more recent libraries will not work at all in receptors (like the B5 Organ for example).

Besides that, all of our libraries do work perfectly fine on a computer which might be a lot simpler to set up ;) Many artists nowadays use a Mac Mini with Mainstage installed and it seems to work pretty well).

Best regards,


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Re: Acoustic Samples C7 Grand UVI Workstation Update

Post Sat Feb 17, 2018 7:11 pm

Dredging from the past, and not letting beaten horses lie (or something like that), I am endlessly trying to find cheaper alternatives than NI K9 because, once again, I don't have the money.
This time I'm looking for a non-cheesy orchestral/cinematic suite to put on my T3io.

UVI Workstation has some great facility and control. It would be SOOO nice to have a decent sounding library for less than the ubiquitous (and seemingly mandatory) NI Kompete.

Anyone have any insights on the above-posted response from UVI or experience in just loading newer libraries?

P.S. I just found a folder in my ReceptorHD/windows/wine-setup/ an .exe file saying "pace-ilok-setup". I don't really know anything and wouldn't know what to do with this if I did (obviously the creators of this thing didn't) but the last I understood is that the reason Kontact 5.5 would not work was because of a WINE issue. The fact that these are linked is very interesting...
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