Kontakt Collect sample/Batch compress question. Less .ncw created after .wav conversion.

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Post Wed Oct 12, 2016 12:15 pm

Hi I’m hoping someone smarter in Kontakt can help me. I have a question about using the Collect sample/Batch compress option in Kontakt. I’m using it to convert Kontakt libraries from .wav files to .ncw files to save space. When I do the conversion there are less .ncw files in the destination samples folder than there was in the original .wav files samples folder version. For instance the “ARIA Sound London Solo Cello” kontakt library has 7,312 .wav files in the original samples folder. When I convert the library to .ncw the samples folder now has 7,149 .ncw files in the samples folder. Does anybody know why Kontakt created less .ncw files in conversion? Do I end up losing anything in the conversion? It seems like less .ncw audio file in the conversion would cause sound problems for the instrument, diminished quality, or lack of sound somewhere for some things.

Also the resources\pictures folder has a bunch of .txt and .png files in the original .wav version. After the conversion only one .png file ends up in the .ncw version. The .txt files are things like slur.txt, solo.txt, trill.txt, bow.txt, etc. And the text files look like this.

Has Alpha Channel: yes
Number of Animations: 6
Horizontal Animation: no
Vertical Resizable: no
Horizontal Resizable: no
Fixed Top: 0
Fixed Bottom: 0
Fixed Left: 0
Fixed Right: 0

Do I miss out on some features of the “ARIA Sound London Solo Cello” library since kontakt didn’t put those .txt files in the .ncw version during the conversion? There’s also a lot of .png files missing in the .ncw version.

If anyone can help me that knows a lot about kontakt I’d be very thankful. I mainly want to know if anything is lost from the conversion from .wav to .ncw. Also curious to know why do some companies even use .wav for kontakt when they create there library when they could use the compressed .ncw version. I understand .wav is sometimes better to have for kontakt for libraries like loops and drums, but something like a Cello and other instruments seems like .ncw should always be the format they use.


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Re: Kontakt Collect sample/Batch compress question. Less .ncw created after .wav conversion.

Post Sun Feb 11, 2018 1:47 am

That was a great breakdown of what is happening. I am looking for the answer, too. Hopefully, someone has an explanation (and remedy, if necessary).

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