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Post Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:29 am

Hello all,

Here I am once again needing something that doesn’t seem attainable.
I was ready to set up a preset where my vocal needs a channel strip like Trackplug-*check*. During the chorus of the song, however, I would like to add some chorus to my voice. In the past I have been using one of the mix effect sends. Now, I am resolving to use one of the inserts for a limiter and the other for some overall reverb. This will smooth out my entire live sound. Another thing I have done is have two racks use my microphone input and one of them has the effect (chorus in this case). This is how I run my guitar sound. Obviously, however, I get one proper sounding vocal and the other is not EQ’ed before it runs through the effect. The result sounds more like an acceptable work-around rather than a proper deliverable sound.

So, the question again is how any of you have worked out this issue in the latest Rack software edition of Receptor Qu4ttro, Tr3o, and 2+? Is there a sub host such as HOFA, Bidule, or an NI product that works in a Receptor Rack channel?
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Re: VST sub-host that works in Receptor

Post Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:54 pm

I use guitar rig for this sort of thing. The built in processors are workable, though not always great. YOu can run Traktor plugins within guitar rig that are less "guitaristic"

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